The trade war may last at least 20 years – Jack Ma says

It is not a secret to anyone these days that there is a trade war going on between China and the USA. This state of affairs can’t but influence the whole country and the co-founder of Alibaba e-commerce company Jack Ma predicted that if everything goes on the way it goes now the trade war could last another 20 years.

Even though it is Donald Trump who does not want to step back today, it is going to be another president to deal with the consequences, states Mr. Ma. China will not just wait until the USA decides to take specific steps and they say that they have no other way but to shift the trade from the USA to other regions.

Jack Ma predicts that under such circumstances no company can grow and if the co-funder of Alibaba fears the downfall, so should all the others since Mr. Ma is the icon of all possible innovations in China. According to Jack Ma in case the USA does not reconsider its intention of levying tariffs on Chinese production then there is no other way for Chine but to center the attention on the rest of the world. It is essential to see the bigger picture in all situations, and this one in particular since a wrong decision may result in a 20-year trade war!