The longest-span aircraft hangar is roofed

The creation of the longest-span aircraft hangar roof took around four months. The hangar itself is situated in Beijing Daxing International Airport, and it is already a famous construction.

The hangar stands right beside the runaway that is why it couldn’t be too high since it may interfere with the planes, that is why the W-truss was used. Another innovation of this hangar construction was the lowered steel consumption. Even though the construction weights 600 tons only 7200 tons of steel was used instead of predicted 100 000 tons if the construction was differently engineered.

The area the hangar cover would make a good football field, and that makes the hangar being capable of containing up to twelve aircraft planes.

As the involved engineers say everything from the design to construction and all the other processes are 100% Chinese. After the completion, this hangar will be a new world record hangar. Also, it will become the most prominent building in the world. And that means that Chinese people have what to be proud of.

The primary purpose of his hangar as well as of the others planned by China Southern Airlines is to take off pressure from the international airports. Check out Fiat 600 Review by Glory