Looking for a 5-camera smartphone? Elephone PX has it!

It is safe to say that Vivo and Huawei splashed a new wave of hype this year. The thing is that triple camera or a pop-up camera are the notions that have not been used before, at least in the sphere of smartphone production. However, Elephone decided to go even further, and they claim a 5-camera smartphone. How cool will that be?

The truth is that there is not that much news about the Elephone PX yet, so there is nothing stated officially yet. Although, the rumors indicate the following:

Elephone PX will be equipped with rimless design, huge display, and the camera will be hidden in the frame, so that you can take it off when you need it. What makes this one so unique is the fact that there will be two cameras in the front. In case there is a question bothering you – what these two cameras will offer you – there is no answer to that question yet, since, there hasn’t been any official announcement.

When you look at the back of Elephone PX, you will find three cameras, but that wouldn’t be the innovation since Huawei P20 Pro already presented the similar option. As for the functions of those three cameras, there is no information available, yet.

This is all that we know about the upcoming Elephone PX, even though it not much it is enough to trigger your desire to find out more about this unusual 5-camera smartphone, isn’t it?