Hema is a New Retail strategy, and it pays off

A modern person can barely imagine the life without shopping, that is for sure what is more, more and more people are shopping online without leaving their houses, unfortunately not all the spheres offer an online shopping option. That is something that Alibaba decided to take care of, and they picked in the right direction!

The thing is that Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company that China has and their Hema supermarkets are unique in such a way that they provide both online and offline experience, which can’t but attract more and more customers.

Alibaba’s co-founder Jack Ma believes that the combination of both online and offline commerce is not only the future but also a great way to attract more shoppers. He says that since the introduction of Hema Supermarkets people started spending more money in general on shopping.

Apart from suggesting two kinds of the shopping experience, Hema Supermarkets perform the delivery, and you can shop either online or offline to get your groceries delivered right to your doorsteps. What is more, people can even buy fresh food, especially seafood and have it cooked in front of them.

Overall, the Alibaba founders are sure that offering your customers two options is a greater chance to increase the income and the research proves this idea to be more than correct.