Dual-SIM for new iPhone – is it bound to happen?

Two leading Chinese companies China Telecom and China Mobile have spread the rumors, or rather a teaser that they are working on the creation of dual-SIM support for iPhones. However, which models are going to support that or when it is going to happen is still unknown. One thing is known for sure, that at least one of the new devices in the country will have the option.

There have been certain presumptions which model will get the expanded slot, but all the details are still under cover.

While Economic Daily News says that it is going to be the 6.1 inch LCD one Bloomberg think that the dual-SIM will be granted to OLED models and they are going to be available only in separate countries.

As you can see the opinions vary and even China Telecom and China Mobile can’t say anything for sure, they only release teasers on their official social media pages to heat up the interest of the audience.

To cut a long story short, they keep their customers in darkness for now and that can’t but disappoint the devoted fans of iPhone smartphones. On the bright side, only a couple of days are left until we find out all the precise information, so we better be patient and wait, after all, it may be totally worth it! Check out Maybach Exelero Review by G4C