China and USA alliance in the development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is carefully developed and studied by Chinese scientists. The leading e-commerce and other companies believe that AI will control the future and that is not a bad thing. The thing is that the development of AI requires the cooperation of the world since China itself is not capable of taking care of everything on its own

However, when the rest of the world has nothing against the issues between USA and China interfere with the AI development. In this particular case, China is ready to bury the grudges and work together while the USA president, Donald Trump is quite reluctant to do so.

Many people fear that the fictional outcome of the world ruled by robots and artificial intelligence since it usual predicts the terrible outcome for humanity. While in reality all the Chinese scientist and specialist claim that AI is not a means of war or destruction it is means of protection of human life and resources.

If everything goes well and the USA agrees to cooperation, together with China, they may achieve great things which may result in the reduction of regular working day to two hours, but that is not the only benefit. They say that a world with AI will be a lot safer and better place. Time will tell.