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Xiaomi Amazfit Verge is finally here, for the price of only for 99€!

The miracle has happened – Xiaomi Amazfit Verge is out, and you can get it right now. We remind you that this new smartwatch from Huami has lots of exciting options to play around with.

Now, it is time to learn why this device is so unique. It is featured with a standby time, 5-days battery life, it has a heart rate tracker, GPS, and GLONASS. The NFC chip works for AliPay and can also be a bus pass within the country.

As for the shape of the watch it resembles the Amazfit 2 (Stratos) model, it has a 1.3 inch AMOLED display, 360 x 360 pixels resolution, protecting Gorilla Glass 3, it is 12.6mm thick and weights only 46g.

There is one essential thing that you need to keep in mind is that even though you can use it while taking a shower, due to the IP68 certification but you certainly can’t wear it while swimming.  The Amazfit Verge has a built-in microphone and a loudspeaker – this feature is new for Huami, the smartwatch also has the AI assistant but only in Chinese for now.

Apart from the fact that you can control all Smart Home devices with the help of The Amazfit Verge, it has other unusual characteristics.

It has a dual-core SoC, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. For now, the Chinese market offers the device for CNY 800 ($115/€100), but soon it will hit all the other stores as well.

The trade war may last at least 20 years – Jack Ma says

It is not a secret to anyone these days that there is a trade war going on between China and the USA. This state of affairs can’t but influence the whole country and the co-founder of Alibaba e-commerce company Jack Ma predicted that if everything goes on the way it goes now the trade war could last another 20 years.

Even though it is Donald Trump who does not want to step back today, it is going to be another president to deal with the consequences, states Mr. Ma. China will not just wait until the USA decides to take specific steps and they say that they have no other way but to shift the trade from the USA to other regions.

Jack Ma predicts that under such circumstances no company can grow and if the co-funder of Alibaba fears the downfall, so should all the others since Mr. Ma is the icon of all possible innovations in China. According to Jack Ma in case the USA does not reconsider its intention of levying tariffs on Chinese production then there is no other way for Chine but to center the attention on the rest of the world. It is essential to see the bigger picture in all situations, and this one in particular since a wrong decision may result in a 20-year trade war!

The profit Of Smartphone Brands From China Passed Over $2 Billion

The research proves that all the handset profits have grown up to 4% yearly during the Q2 of 2018. This happened thanks to Chinese brands, and they decided to show their best this time. If you put their profits together, it will pass over 2 billion US dollars.

Even though some sources predict the prices of smartphones to increase the research shows that the consumers are buying less new models, due to the excellent state of the ones purchased before. However, the developers are thinking about finding a way out of this situation too.

It is true that Apple is one of the best-selling smartphone brands, but it is closely followed by Samsung and such Chinese brands Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi.

As for the Samsung smartphones, it should be mentioned that the sales decrease due to the Galaxy S9 series being a lot weaker than expected. While Xiaomi, Huawei, vivo, and OPPO grew significantly in profit, especially in Q2 2018.

We couldn’t but mention the Indian smartphone market. The thing is that while in all the other parts of the world the shipment of smartphones decreased, in India, it is still growing. That means that all the leading handset companies from China, Taiwan, and South Korea are struggling to win it over.

Dual-SIM for new iPhone – is it bound to happen?

Two leading Chinese companies China Telecom and China Mobile have spread the rumors, or rather a teaser that they are working on the creation of dual-SIM support for iPhones. However, which models are going to support that or when it is going to happen is still unknown. One thing is known for sure, that at least one of the new devices in the country will have the option.

There have been certain presumptions which model will get the expanded slot, but all the details are still under cover.

While Economic Daily News says that it is going to be the 6.1 inch LCD one Bloomberg think that the dual-SIM will be granted to OLED models and they are going to be available only in separate countries.

As you can see the opinions vary and even China Telecom and China Mobile can’t say anything for sure, they only release teasers on their official social media pages to heat up the interest of the audience.

To cut a long story short, they keep their customers in darkness for now and that can’t but disappoint the devoted fans of iPhone smartphones. On the bright side, only a couple of days are left until we find out all the precise information, so we better be patient and wait, after all, it may be totally worth it! Check out Maybach Exelero Review by G4C

Honor Magic 2 with in-screen Fingerprint is coming out on October 26th

The recent teaser states that Honor Magic 2 is coming out on October 26th. The truth is that the announcement of this device has been on the top of all news for months now. The most particular feature about it is, of course, the sliding camera tech. What is more, the rumors say that Honor Magic 2 will run on Kirin 980 processor, but there is no direct confirmation so far.

If we are to believe the latest teaser, the device will be featured with the on-screen fingerprint sensor, and there will be a fingerprint icon added to the screen. Also, there will be a full-screen display with the sliding front camera. Even though the device is expected to come out on October 26, there is still no official confirmation.

As for the other characteristics, the device will be packed with 6 inch AMOLED display, and the resolution will be 1440×2880 pixels and a 100% screen-to-display ratio. The on-screen fingerprint adds up to the recent trends as well as the charging technique. Furthermore, a sliding camera is undoubtedly an innovation that may bring the Honor Magic 2 device in the front row of best-selling devices. Hopefully, there will be no drawbacks and the world will see the magic device on the stated date. Check out Chery QQ Review by Glory4C

Hema is a New Retail strategy, and it pays off

A modern person can barely imagine the life without shopping, that is for sure what is more, more and more people are shopping online without leaving their houses, unfortunately not all the spheres offer an online shopping option. That is something that Alibaba decided to take care of, and they picked in the right direction!

The thing is that Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company that China has and their Hema supermarkets are unique in such a way that they provide both online and offline experience, which can’t but attract more and more customers.

Alibaba’s co-founder Jack Ma believes that the combination of both online and offline commerce is not only the future but also a great way to attract more shoppers. He says that since the introduction of Hema Supermarkets people started spending more money in general on shopping.

Apart from suggesting two kinds of the shopping experience, Hema Supermarkets perform the delivery, and you can shop either online or offline to get your groceries delivered right to your doorsteps. What is more, people can even buy fresh food, especially seafood and have it cooked in front of them.

Overall, the Alibaba founders are sure that offering your customers two options is a greater chance to increase the income and the research proves this idea to be more than correct.

The longest-span aircraft hangar is roofed

The creation of the longest-span aircraft hangar roof took around four months. The hangar itself is situated in Beijing Daxing International Airport, and it is already a famous construction.

The hangar stands right beside the runaway that is why it couldn’t be too high since it may interfere with the planes, that is why the W-truss was used. Another innovation of this hangar construction was the lowered steel consumption. Even though the construction weights 600 tons only 7200 tons of steel was used instead of predicted 100 000 tons if the construction was differently engineered.

The area the hangar cover would make a good football field, and that makes the hangar being capable of containing up to twelve aircraft planes.

As the involved engineers say everything from the design to construction and all the other processes are 100% Chinese. After the completion, this hangar will be a new world record hangar. Also, it will become the most prominent building in the world. And that means that Chinese people have what to be proud of.

The primary purpose of his hangar as well as of the others planned by China Southern Airlines is to take off pressure from the international airports. Check out Fiat 600 Review by Glory

40 Million Investment into blockchain gaming platform

There is barely anyone in a modern world that haven’t played a game or two. What is more, there are a lot of people who live off gaming or get away from the reality at least for a while. However, in China, things are handled strictly when it comes to gaming. The thing is that from March 2018 the gaming world in China is frozen regarding licenses. Every game that is to be launched has to be legally approved by the government, and that means that a lot of ideas and creations are left out.

That is why China’s Cocos-BCX has gathered US$40 million from top blockchain funds and investors, such as  Binance Labs, NEO Global Capital, 500 Startups to deal with the financing. The fact is that the existing community of Cocos2d-x has over a million of developers, and we remind you that it is an open-source platform for game development, and when the company gathers up both the developers and the engineers they will be able to build the entirely new platform – blockchain game developing one.

What is the use of it? The thing is that gaming has a tremendous potential which can result in many situations, all you need to do is to invest both the means and intelligence correctly! Check out Jaguar Q-type Review by Glory4Cars

Looking for a 5-camera smartphone? Elephone PX has it!

It is safe to say that Vivo and Huawei splashed a new wave of hype this year. The thing is that triple camera or a pop-up camera are the notions that have not been used before, at least in the sphere of smartphone production. However, Elephone decided to go even further, and they claim a 5-camera smartphone. How cool will that be?

The truth is that there is not that much news about the Elephone PX yet, so there is nothing stated officially yet. Although, the rumors indicate the following:

Elephone PX will be equipped with rimless design, huge display, and the camera will be hidden in the frame, so that you can take it off when you need it. What makes this one so unique is the fact that there will be two cameras in the front. In case there is a question bothering you – what these two cameras will offer you – there is no answer to that question yet, since, there hasn’t been any official announcement.

When you look at the back of Elephone PX, you will find three cameras, but that wouldn’t be the innovation since Huawei P20 Pro already presented the similar option. As for the functions of those three cameras, there is no information available, yet.

This is all that we know about the upcoming Elephone PX, even though it not much it is enough to trigger your desire to find out more about this unusual 5-camera smartphone, isn’t it?

China and USA alliance in the development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is carefully developed and studied by Chinese scientists. The leading e-commerce and other companies believe that AI will control the future and that is not a bad thing. The thing is that the development of AI requires the cooperation of the world since China itself is not capable of taking care of everything on its own

However, when the rest of the world has nothing against the issues between USA and China interfere with the AI development. In this particular case, China is ready to bury the grudges and work together while the USA president, Donald Trump is quite reluctant to do so.

Many people fear that the fictional outcome of the world ruled by robots and artificial intelligence since it usual predicts the terrible outcome for humanity. While in reality all the Chinese scientist and specialist claim that AI is not a means of war or destruction it is means of protection of human life and resources.

If everything goes well and the USA agrees to cooperation, together with China, they may achieve great things which may result in the reduction of regular working day to two hours, but that is not the only benefit. They say that a world with AI will be a lot safer and better place. Time will tell.