40 Million Investment into blockchain gaming platform

There is barely anyone in a modern world that haven’t played a game or two. What is more, there are a lot of people who live off gaming or get away from the reality at least for a while. However, in China, things are handled strictly when it comes to gaming. The thing is that from March 2018 the gaming world in China is frozen regarding licenses. Every game that is to be launched has to be legally approved by the government, and that means that a lot of ideas and creations are left out.

That is why China’s Cocos-BCX has gathered US$40 million from top blockchain funds and investors, such as  Binance Labs, NEO Global Capital, 500 Startups to deal with the financing. The fact is that the existing community of Cocos2d-x has over a million of developers, and we remind you that it is an open-source platform for game development, and when the company gathers up both the developers and the engineers they will be able to build the entirely new platform – blockchain game developing one.

What is the use of it? The thing is that gaming has a tremendous potential which can result in many situations, all you need to do is to invest both the means and intelligence correctly! Check out Jaguar Q-type Review by Glory4Cars