Everything that prevents a woman from going from the beginning to the end of the sexual process is called sexual problems. Most often, women are prevented from giving in to the feeling and getting pleasure from sex because of typical reasons.

Many cultures educate the suppression of sexual desire. In this case, the woman does not show interest in sex at all or has a weak sexual desire. This problem may be also associated with hormonal disorders, pregnancy, depression, fatigue, as well as chemotherapy, and etcetera etc. 

Inability to get aroused is also a serious reason. Most often, this happens when the female body does not release a sufficient amount of lubricant during sexual intercourse. The reason for this may be impaired circulation of the clitoris and vagina, as well as anxiety. Anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm) is the most common problem. It may occur due to the inexperience of a woman or repressed sexual desire. Psychological factors can also be the cause of anorgasmia: anxiety, guilt, or experienced sexual trauma. Finally, the lack of desire can be because the pain during intercourse. The cause of this problem may be endometriosis, an ovarian cyst, vaginal inflammation, or an insufficient amount of lubricant.