Many couples believe that official marriage does not change anything. However, from a psychological point of view, such action is different from just living together. Union in such pairs is not regarded as a trial and goes to the rank of long-term. This is an important step, so couples think about all pros and cons before going to the next level. 

Good and bad sides of the marriage

As from the legal and moral side of the issue, marriage is considered a real and full-fledged union of two people. There are such benefits of legal marriage:

•    Children automatically receive paternity

•    All property acquired in a marriage is considered common

•    Children have the primary right to inherit.

However, there are such disadvantages of legal marriage:

•    Difficult and lengthy procedure for divorce. Often it leads to long and exhausting court processes, especially if there are children in the family

•    The need to divide children. Sometimes the struggle for custody becomes a serious problem 

•    After the conclusion of an official marriage, the relationship between partners can deteriorate as they begin to consider each other from the perspective of their property.

Any kind of marriage has its positive and negative sides. Everything, of course, depends on you and how much you are willing to work on your relationships.